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Managing Diabetes at School

School-age children spend half of their waking hours in school. If they have diabetes, they will need support in school to ensure a safe learning environment.  It is important that school nurses understand current treatment plans for diabetes management and the type of issues that affect school-aged children with this disease.  All students with diabetes must have a written, individualized Diabetes Health Care Plan that meets the requirements of section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. In creating such a plan, it is necessary to understand some of the issues with which a child with diabetes contends: monitoring blood glucose, dealing with hypoglycemia, the role of food and activity, field trip preparation and so on.

Website Links

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Printable Resources

DM Roadmap example.

Emergency Low Kit

Pediatric Diabetes Handouts (Low & High BG)


ppods Meal Carb Count sheet

Sample 504-plan ADA

Sample DMMP

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